Vitrubie. 2018

Vitrubie looks like an irony, an aesthetic joke and take on Marco Vitrubie’s famous Renaissance treatise, and it is though not only that. In this case, irony opens the way to a questioning of the Western humanist canon, which mathematically defined a representation model, whose coldness supposedly touched pure reason.

While it is true that this model has been in crisis for quite some time, carried and brought by art, it is also true that we do not have a substitute paradigm that makes the visual identity of man readable on the cultural premises. Perhaps this is precisely the highest sense of this era, marked by the loss of all essentialist values. Vitrubie, then, takes up that model and subverts it, by recreating her speech of perfection from “other” subjects, subordinates: women, transvestites, etc. Perfection, this work seems to tell us, is an illusory entity, which could only occur from the most universal inclusion.

TITLE: Vitrubie

SERIES: Untitled

MEASURES: 120 x 120 cm

TECHNICAL: Old gold metal Dibond + methacrylate direct photo engraving + light box + LED lights

YEAR: 2018

EDITION: 5/5 + 2 PA