Video Art

Risa y llanto (2019) is first and foremost a performative exercise, which records the sequence of two women crying and laughing at the same time, while both rest their heads on the ground. It features original music by Cuban pianist Yoyi Lagarza. This video-performance is inspiring in the dualities of life, moods and circumstances that are eventually presented to us


Los límites del cuerpo y el espacio (2019). A group of women seek light through a ladder with a step that measures like their foot. Architecture plays a central role in this work as it is defined by the boundary of the body. Through the serialization of the body, the artists explore and question our psyche.

Osho (2020) comes from the term “oceanic” which means to dissolve in the ocean. Let your body flow from the subconscious. The internal energy plays with the waves and calms down with the tide, between a conscious meditation, giving way to experiencing the most shocking sensations of the ocean.

Explosive Breasts (2020) is the most recent digital piece by the artist Alejandra Glez, where the intention lies in evidencing the social taboo that exists on the visibility of female breasts in social networks. Product of the censorship of snapshots where the female nipples are shown, a question emerges: why censor the female breasts and not the male ones? Based on a solid concept and from a minimalist aesthetic, the work aims to show the breasts as independent entities within a digital society that attacks them.

No es el momento de vivir (2020). “The saliva channel tightens, hurts, hurts a lot, throbs, sheds light and death. I feel his hands relieving the pain” Alejandra Glez