Océano. 2020

TITLE: Océano

MEASURES: 51,27 x 74,69 cm

TECHNICAL: Printing on cotton paper

YEAR: 2020

EDITION: 2/5 + 2 PA

Ocean is a photograph in which we elucidate a head, presumably as a woman, in the middle of the ocean; a head that floats but we do not know if it maintains life or is immobile. Faced with a positive reading, this person seeks oxygen, tries breathe in front of the vast sea that surrounds it. Again, the sea is a repository of stories that remain in the collective memory, but at the same time it is a handicap – almost always of the female figure that prevents it from «floating», freeing itself. Analyzed as a whole, multiple connections could be found between the three works and the relationship with the Yoruba cosmogony of African origin, and more specifically with Yemayá. How it represents for the religious deity, the sea represents for Alejandra a space of connections and spirituality, which in turn connects with the voice of women in their process of liberation, search and encounter with themselves. The sea would come here to be the battlefield in which the female subject disputes her own rights and frustrations, always under the maxim of finding that ideal place that provides the escape route, total autonomy.