Mujer Inndia

Mujer India.

TITLE: Untitled

SERIES: Mujer India

MEASURES: 20 x 30 cm (240 photos)

TECHNICAL: Printing in cotton paper

EDITION: 1/4 + 2PA (complete series) 1/1 (each photo)

Mujer India (2021) is a real-time documentation of a performance, where a young Indian fashion stylist strips of her clothes until she is half naked. The wardrobe, a representative element within the Hindu traditions and religion, in this representation is made a nod to the act of developing, in that coming and going from the exhibition and discovery.

What does it take to be an Indian woman today? Question mark raised before the indices of gender violence in said nation and the looming concern over these women and their culture. Faced with the need to transform a society rooted in patriarchal traditions emerges Mujer India
as a young woman who frees herself from the machismo of her land in front of an accomplice lens. The sari seen from a concept another, from respect and authenticity under the gaze feminist of Alejandra Glez, underlies as a pledge protagonist who acquires multiple meanings.

Between silk, nudity, style, tradition and contemporaneity, guidelines are interwoven that point to a dispossession of cultural and macho glimpses by a generation that assumes its cultural essence from new perspectives.