Mar de Fondo. 2018


Mar de fondo is a diptych of photographs on light boxes that in turn is made up of two main works: Presence and Absence. In the first, a set of naked female bodies floats randomly on the surface of the sea, while, in the second, the same bodies have been extracted from said surface and only their shadow remains, as a symbolic suppression of the subject of representation that in this case is the woman.

This piece is conceived to be installed facing the sea so as to establish a dual relationship, almost perfect, and trying to create a mirror effect where the image becomes a reflection and a projection of reality. A game is established with the idea of an empty, calm sea, by placing in front of it an image that reveals all the conflict hidden under that apparent passivity.

TITLE: Mar de fondo Presencia

MEASURES: 127 x 200 cm

TECHNICAL: Light box + printing on cotton paper

YEAR: 2018

EDITION: Sold out