La Repetición, La Repetición, La Repetición. 2017

La Repetición is a series made up of three photographic images using great black and white contrasts and avoiding medium shades, giving the image a unique strength.

As a continuation of the La cabeza es el nuevo desnudo series, the first work shows the female body with a covered head, facing the spectator. The artist photographs herself in a carefree position hiding her face as a symbol of introspection. In the second and third pieces in this series, the body moves toward different sides of the composition. Each picture making up the image turns smaller, thus generating a sort of abstractions that place the body on a background. 

In this series, the artist resorts to the serialization of the image, a resource inherited from American pop, to highlight the idea of nudity as one of the great human obsessions. At the same time she uses it as a resource to generate a cold image, deprived of any interest other than the observation of a process that makes the body mutate into an abstract shape.

TITLE: Untitled

SERIES: La Repetición, La Repetición, La Repetición

MEASURES: 200 x 200 cm

TECHNICAL: Direct engraving in Dibond + aluminum lined frame

YEAR: 2017

EDITION: 2/5 + 1 PA