La cabeza es el nuevo desnudo. 2017

La cabeza es el nuevo desnudo, 2017 is the name of a photographic series that speaks about body freedom from a female perspective. 

Female nudity has traditionally been one of the most polemic issues. The body conceived as an object of desire: vulnerable, shameful, weak.
This tries a new look in order to undermine a representation model that depicts woman as a sexual fetish. 

Speaking about the absolute freedom of human beings vis-a-vis their bodies has been a recurrent issue in the history of art. Some have approached this issue from a non-prejudiced point of view, while others have disclosed the dissimilar social conflicts generated by nudity from a critical stance or as an attempt to lead the spectator into a questioning interpretation. 

However, this particular series places female nudity on a second level, exposing it to the public view with a completely natural attitude and displacing the attention towards the covered faces, hidden as a pattern which is repeated time after time throughout these images. 

Hiding the heads of those who are photographed is an idea which interests me as a metaphor, and from which I can approach the root cause of all these discriminating discourses. The fact of assuming a specific social projection derives, to a great extent, on who we are, how we think, and the experiences we have had in our lives. From there come our narrative, our focus and abilities. I have summarized all this by hiding the face/head as a symbol of the brain patterns and preconceived discourses we assume are ours. 

La cabeza es el nuevo desnudo is an invitation to look inside, to stop judging body nudity, and to begin freeing ourselves from certain mental conflicts. 

TITLE: Untitled.

SERIES: La cabeza es el nuevo desnudo.

MEASURES: 100 x 67 cm.

TECHNICAL: Vitra mate direct engraving + black wooden molding.

YEAR: 2017.

EDITION: 5 + 1 PA.