Personal Exhibitions

“La vida es inmortal cuando se acaba” La Acacia Gallery, Havana, Cuba, 2020

“My house is my body”. Virtual exhibition, curated by Dayneris Brito. Thomas Nickles Project of Nueva York, colaboration with Artsy. 2020

This Alejandra’s exhibition was the very first work ever displayed in our space at a time when the rest of the city was under lockdown.

Our space was under construction and the city shut down the construction and told us they had to leave the space. Everything was closed and we were all told not to travel at all, We snuck into the abandoned city in the dark of night and into our space and cut a hole in the construction paper in the window and ran Alejandra’s video on a loop 24 hours a day for two weeks. It was an act of Guerilla art and we felt it was an important moment to keep art alive for ourselves, for our project and to provide hope for the city and we were are proud to say it happened the way it did.

Jhon Nickles, Thomas Nickles Project