Carmen. 2017 - 2018

Papers, newspapers, brass boxes, metal, broken lamps found in the garbage are some of the most valuable treasures for Carmen, who suffers from the well-known Diogenes Syndrome, a mental disorder that makes people accumulate things and have great difficulty getting rid of their possessions no matter what their real value is. This tries a new look in order to undermine a representation model that depicts woman as a sexual fetish.  

This mental disorder becomes the core from which Alejandra González builds this new series. For the first time, she moves away from the perfect bodies in her previous photographs and leads us to an older woman’s inner world whose body is the antithesis of her usual characters and, at the same time, the result of the passing of time. 

Alejandra photographs her in her environment, surrounded by that entire object universe accumulated for years which is part of her daily life, and she builds her own unique personal work. This is an unfinished series within the artist´s work, and crosses into new issues associated with social and psychological phenomena that have interested her and that she will begin to develop this year. 

TITLE: Untitled.

SERIES: Carmen.

MEASURES: 100 x 66 cm.

TECHNICAL: Direct engraving in cotton paper + black molding.

YEAR: 2017-2018.

EDITION: 5 + 2 PA.