Callao. 2018

It is a work that reflects the life of this woman who suffered from domestic violence ending her suffering by murdering her own husband. Since then she has had to live in the streets between drugs, robberies and murders. She has been banned from seeing her children and lives within this dark space.

Wuarmi (woman) is a work that talks about the feminine aesthetic coming out of the beauty canon of Latin America, it refers to the quipus (threads with knots) that enumerated the accounting of the cattle and the economy of the Incas; metaphorical work referring to violence against women.

Performance exposed through photography (intervention of a building in Callao), carrying a message of freedom through the female body.

TITLE: Untitled.

SERIES: Callao.

MEASURES: 120 x 80 cm or 60 x 40 cm.

TECHNICAL: EPSON cotton paper + SPRAY UV (HAHNEMÜLE) + wooden frame.

YEAR: 2018.

EDITION: 5 + 2 PA.