Autorretrato. 2020

Alejandra Glez

TITLE: Autorretrato

SERIES: La vida es inmortal cuando se acaba

MEASURES: 60 x 60 cm

TECHNICAL: Digital printing on cotton paper

YEAR: 2020

EDITION: 2/5 + 2 PA

Autorretrato is self-portrait of the artist from the front with a black background. Represents her image with metallic discs (electrodes) attached to her scalp, undergoing an electroencephalogram.

TITLE: Autorretrato Rojo

SERIES: La vida es inmortal cuando se acaba

MEASURES: Variable measures

TECHNICAL: Computed axial tomography TAC. Digital printing and acrylic

YEAR: 2020

EDITION: 1/5 + 2 PA

Autorretrato Rojo is thirty 3D images of a CT scan performed on the artist during an anxiety crisis.