Asesina? 2018

TITLE: Asesina?

MEASURES: 71,94 x 120 cm

TECHNICAL: Printing on cotton paper

YEAR: 2018

EDITION: 1/5 + 2 PA

Asesina? (2018)This work reflects the life of a real woman, a victim of domestic violence. Subjected by her husband to constant physical abuse and humiliation in the presence of her children. The continuous bent on the part of her spouse and the sufferings of domestic violence led her to a state of alienation where the only possible way out was to murder her husband.
With the burden of this tragic event Murderous? she has had to live on the streets ever since, stripped of her belongings and marginalized by society. Victim of a system that justifies domination on the basis of a supposed family, whose leadership is assumed by the father and projected to every social order.
Between drugs and robberies this woman faces life every day in the most precarious ways. With the prohibition of seeing her children she lives, or survives, in this dark space of her pain.